Heathers Bring Bitchiness To NYCC (Was It Intentional?)

“Paramount Network”?
What’s a “Paramount Network”?

Before coming across the Heathers school bus on the Javits Center exhibit floor at New York Comic Con (NYCC), I had no idea the Paramount Network existed or the fact that they had a new series based on the Heathers motion picture.

Though I remember enjoying it, I haven’t thought about Heathers, the movie, since I saw it on cable television a few months after its theatrical release in the late ‘80s.

…But I do remember thinking it was a good movie. So, even though there was a bit of a wait to board the school bus display at NYCC, I decided to take the time and check it out.

While waiting I was handed a flyer about the new series but the display staff was actually kind of stand-offish and didn’t really make much effort to generate interest from visitors.

I was left to assume the heavily graffitied bus is a significant prop that plays an interesting/important role in the series.

The back of the bus was hollowed-out, except for a large-screen television and some bucket seats for a photo op. The tv showed scenes from the series but without engagement from the actresses/booth staff, the interactive display didn’t generate as much excitement for the series as could’ve been the case…

Despite the poor (or intentional lack of) engagement from staff, the Heathers display was still able to perk my interest. But had I not had a history of enjoying the source material, I’m not sure this would’ve been the case.

Upon exiting the bus, visitors were give a few branded buttons/pins as SWAG promoting  the series.

The “ice-drink with straw” shaped pin is fun (so is the “Shut-up Heather” button I wasn’t given, but I’ve spotted online), but the Heathers interactive display really could’ve benefited from more interactive staff.

But then again, if I remember the movie correctly, considering the “bitchiness” of a “Heather”, maybe the “stand-offishness” was intentional?

Were you at NYCC? Did you visit the Heathers display? What do you think? Was the booth staff intentionally acting in-character? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!