DC Universe SWAG Helps Generate Good Buzz For New Online Service

Going into New York Comic Con (NYCC), I had a strong feeling there would be a big push for the new, online content service, DC Universe (DCU).

Some of the awesome SWAG given as part of the DC Universe promotional push

When the Titans premier was announced just prior to NYCC, it validated this feeling… And sure enough, at the DC Entertainment Booth, the DCU SWAG was flowin’!
Buttons, comic books and posters were passed-out to all visitors. Also, special foil-cover comics and (R)obin pins were given as incentives for those who signed-up for a DCU subscription.

If you’ve seen the Titans series, then you know just how cool this pin is!

But it was the amazing SWAG given to attendees of the DCU panel that really solidified the idea that I made the right decision to pay close attention to DCU events at NYCC.*

DC Entertainment definitely won the prize for “Best SWAG of the day!”

On Thursday afternoon, DC Entertainment held an hour-long panel presentation to discuss the online service. Part-way through the panel, Co-Publisher and fan-favorite artist, Jim Lee, electrified the room when he announced that all-in-attendance would receive a free one year subscription to the DCU online service! The news was met with uproarious cheers- to the point where the buzz in the air made it difficult to hear the rest of the presentation.

DC Universe subscription card provided to panel attendees!

…and with good reason!

A year subscription to DC Universe is an almost $100 gift, and is truly a great reward to DC Entertainment fans!

On a personal note: After being totally impressed and pleasantly surprised by the Titans premiere the night before, I had decided to buy the DCU service, and had in-fact signed-up for it a couple hours prior to the panel. Thanks to this amazing panel SWAG, that 100 bucks was able to find its way back into my pocket!

When the trailer for the Titans series was released at San Diego Comic Con, the response wasn’t good… Hopefully the buzz from the NYCC premier, and the added enthusiasm generated from the premier/booth/panel SWAG trifecta, made it clear DC Entertainment intends to deliver with the DCU online service!


*Actually, there’s one more DC Universe SWAG item that made me swoon!
More on that in another post…