Outlander SWAG at NYCC Proves The Quality Doesn’t Stop With The Show

It never fails… the subscription content provider STARZ continues to be a SWAG powerhouse at New York Comic Con (NYCC)!

This year, STARZ welcomed fans with a promotional booth designed to resemble two of their popular series, American Gods and Outlander.

Visitors to the Outlander section of the booth walked away with some of the most functional and unique SWAG found at NYCC. Fans and potential fans were gifted with branded tote bags, Outlander inspired bottles of cologne/perfume, and leather luggage tags.

These items are the kind of usable, immersive SWAG items that fans go crazy for!

The handy, reusable, cloth tote bag features an image of main characters, Claire and Jaime enacting the season 4 tag-line, “Brave The New World”.

Functional/made-to-last items such as the Outlander tote are the best type of SWAG!

Visitors who walked through the booth where also gifted with a small bottle of Outlander inspired cologne/perfume.

Outlander inspired cologne/perfume bottles handed out by this dapper-dressed booth staff

Though the bottles were limited to one per person, many fans had no problem standing in line and walking through the display multiple times to complete the set of three unique scents.

Three different scents meant three separate visits through the STARZ Outlander booth
Cologne/perfume inspired by Outlander

Lastly, Outlander booth visitors were able to have a uniquely branded luggage tag created to memorialize their experience.

Gold-foil stamp machine. Image provided by @MarvelMorris

Visitors could choose up-to three letters to have gold-foil stamped on the back-side of a leather tag, embossed with the Outlander STARZ logo.

Gold-foil stamped, leather luggage tags

When this much thought is put into promotional material, it gives a really good impression of the quality of the property being promoted. And after three high quality, enjoyable seasons, Outlander continues to be one of the best shows currently produced.

With the fourth season of Outlander recently begun (Nov. 4)… everyone who visited the booth at NYCC should take the opportunity to secure a subscription to STARZ (if not already a subscriber), dab on some cologne/perfume and immerse themselves in the world of Outlander

Good job STARZ!!!