Good Omens Creates Good Vibes With Great SWAG at NYCC

It was a good New York Comic Con (NYCC) for Neil Gaiman fans.
The highly-visible, STARZ booth put the Gaiman property, American Gods front and center, but the Amazon Prime, Gaiman property, Good Omens also had great buzz at the con.

Amazon seemed eager to share Good Omens with NYCC attendees. And this was reflected thru the SWAG offered during the four-day event.

Poster SWAG from the Good Omens panel

On Saturday during NYCC, attendees of the Good Omens panel could pick up an exclusive poster. Meanwhile, each day of the event, at the Good Omens booth on the convention center mezzanine, attendees could participate in photo-ops mimicking scenes from the upcoming series. And as physical keepsakes, visitors exiting the booth were provided with SWAG pins and notebooks.

Amazon really brought it’s “A Game” with their booth SWAG! Each SWAG item seems to be tailor-made to hit specific marketing goals…

  • Photo-ops – With the two photo opportunities offered in-booth, the Good Omens marketing team created virtual SWAG that’s ideal for sharing across multimedia or via email or text.

    NYCC exclusive SWAG
  • Pins – Being “branded” SWAG (note the “New York Comic Con Exclusive” blurb along the bottom of the pin’s cardboard backing), interest in the pin is increased (especially among existing Good Omens fans) due to its exclusivity.

    Good Omens notebook, front cover
  • Notebooks- SWAG that has practical purpose can be great advertisement and can continue to provide promotional value well after the end of an event. Items such as notebooks have good potential usage “in the wild” (aka, outside the convention). Simply thru normal use, practical SWAG has an ability to keep a property in the mind of the user. And if the SWAG is eye-catching, it can also be good at making others aware of the property.
Good Omens notebook, back cover

Clearly, Amazon Prime spent a lot of money on SWAG to hype Good Omens at NYCC.
If the constant line around their booth is any indication, then it seems Amazon succeeded in creating strong interest in the upcoming series.
And fortunately, all indications is that Good Omens will “live-up-to-the-SWAG”!