Autograph Signing- DCU’s Titans At NYCC

The SWAG promoting DC Entertainment’s new online content service, DC Universe (DCU) was a highlight of New York Comic Con (NYCC)!
With the Titans premiere, booth SWAG, and the surprise panel giveaway, it was truly an embarrassment of riches.
…And it all culminated with the awesome Titans cast and creatives signing!

Titans poster! Signed by cast of heroes appearing in episodes one and two!

The entire cast of six superheroes from the first two Titans episodes, plus two of the behind-the-scenes creatives, participated in the signing.

This included:

Brenton Thwaites- Robin
Teagan Croft- Raven
Ryan Potter- Beast Boy
Anna Diop- Starfire
Alan Ritchson- Hawk
Minka Kelly- Dove
Akiva Goldsman- Director/ Executive Producer/ Writer
Greg Walker- Producer/ Writer

Titans cast assembled for signing at NYCC, DC Entertainment Booth.

The interaction with the stars of Titans was great, but for me, it was especially nice having the behind-the-scenes creatives at the signing.

Let me explain…
The Titans trailer that came out of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) was so off-putting, that I had very low expectations for the series. When I saw the first two episodes at the NYCC premiere, I was relieved it was so well done, but I was still perplexed as to why Robin- Dick Grayson, was acting so out-of-character (based on years of comic book history).

Since when has Dick been so angsts-y and grim?
He’s not Damion, for God’s sake!

During the Titans screening, Producers Akiva Goldsman and Greg Walker provide insight into Robin’s character development.

Fortunately, with the creatives available at the signing, I was able to ask what the heck they were doing to my favorite boy-wonder, and why the show seemed a bit unnecessarily violent and grim.

Both Goldsman and Walker graciously listened then assured me that everything was very much “calculated”, and in service to Dick Grayson’s character-arc.
It still bothered me but, with the assurance of the producers, the infamous, cringe-worth “F-Batman” scene from the SDCC trailer didn’t play quite as bad when watched in-context with the actual scene in episode one. And because the more gratuitous violence has toned down since the first episodes, Titans has been a thrill to watch.

If you’re not watching Titans, do yourself a favor… Get DCU, and check it out!

As the series heads into the final episode of season one, we still don’t have a reason for Dick Grayson’s seeming contempt for Batman, but it’s clear that it’s all leading to his transformation from Robin to Nightwing…
Hopefully, once the transformation is complete, Dick Grayson will lighten-up as Nightwing, and his new attitude will have a trickle-down effect on his teammates.

I’m ready for this group to start having fun!

I Can’t wait for season two! And I look forward to a SDCC and/or NYCC signing including Conor Leslie- Donna Troy and Curran Walters- Robin/Jason Todd!