Deadly Class on SYFY. Are U Dressed for the Occasion?

At New York Comic Con (NYCC) this past October, Deadly Class got a big promotional push from the SYFY Network.

SYFY made sure everyone knew about Deadly Class at NYCC!

This promotional push included a pretty nifty-looking t-shirt with fan-created art, depicting comic book incarnations of the Deadly Class main characters.

Awesome Deadly Class t-shirt SWAG- Front View.

NYCC Attendees had to endure a long line, in the middle of the day, to get a t-shirt. But for fans of the comic book, it was totally worth the wait!

And now… with the SYFY TV show creating a slew of new Deadly Class fans, I wonder how many NYCC Attendees are kicking themselves for not taking the time to snag this awesome t-shirt SWAG?

Awesome Deadly Class t-shirt SWAG- Back View.

Deadly Class, episode 2 airs on SYFY tonight.
…Fortunately, I’m gonna be dressed for the occasion!