Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash

On Saturday, February 10, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment hosted the world premiere of the Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash movie, at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, CA.

DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash lobby standee at The Paley Center in Beverly Hills, CA

The kid-friendly Lego flick puts The Flash front-and-center, pitted against the Reverse-Flash, in a battle for control of the “speed-force”. The movie also features several Justice League members- with The Atom, Doctor Fate, and Zatanna (“Yrros”) as stand-out characters.

Several cast members and creators who worked on the movie were in attendance at the premiere…

Cast and creators gathered to sign poster SWAG!

After the showing, film talent gathered in the lobby of the Paley Center to sign posters and briefly mingle with attendees. The poster SWAG, recreating the image from the Blu-ray packaging, was signed by James Arnold Taylor (The Flash), Troy Baker (Batman), Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman/Lois Lane), Phil LaMarr (Firestorm), Eric Bauza (The Atom), and Jeremy Adams (writer). Kids in attendance were also given a Lego set featuring DC Comics Super Heroes.

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes, signed movie poster.

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash is a fun movie. Though it is very-much made for kids, the adults in the audience seemed to have a good time with the humor-filled story.
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash is now available on digital, and available March 13 on Blu-Ray.

WonderCon celebrates Action Comics #1000 with Dan Jurgens Cover

The only thing better than a convention exclusive, is a SIGNED convention exclusive!

WonderCon recently revealed they’ve enlisted show guest, Dan Jurgens to create this year’s program guide cover… And with Jurgens as an invited guest, this gives attendees the opportunity to take home some SWEET, S-W-E-E-T, Signed SWAG!!!

Helping Jurgens with the cover are Inker Norm Rapmund, Colorist Alex Sinclair, and Letterer Todd Klein.
Norm and Alex will also be attending Wondercon this year. And though Todd hasn’t confirmed if he’ll attend WonderCon, a nice article about his process creating the program cover logo can be found at Todd’s Blog.

The cover itself, and the Action Comics #1000 logo visible on the cover, are good indications that DC plans to promote Superman’s milestone issue at this year’s WonderCon! Hopefully, this translates into a convention exclusive issue 1000 or even BIGGER & BETTER SWAG!

WonderCon is sure to be filled with numerous opportunities to snag some cool SWAG!
Don’t miss the opportunity to add these talented creators’ signatures to this awesome cover. And be on the lookout for SWAG celebrating Action Comics #1000!

Started on Twitter, Now We’re Here! The SWAG Collector is now a Blog!

Hello visitor!

This site is dedicated to the joys of SWAG Collecting!

“What is SWAG?”, you may ask?

SWAG” is an acronym for “Stuff We All Get.”

The term was coined to describe an item (usually free) given as incentive, reward or promotion to an attendee of a special event.

When referring to “SWAG” on this site, the term will fall into one (or more) of the following categories…

  • Promotional (Free) event exclusive
  • Paid Event exclusive
  • Items (exclusives & non-exclusives) signed at the event
  • Free, non-exclusive (sometimes)
  • …And on VERY special occasions, the event itself IS the SWAG!

At comic book conventions, the “Stuff” in “Stuff We All Get” frequently is bastardized into encompassing ANY item (including non-exclusives & everyday items) obtained at the event. On this site, the term “SWAG” will NOT be used to describe a paid, unsigned, non-exclusive item- easily found outside of a special event, with no discernible characteristic or uniqueness.

I’ve collected SWAG for many years, and for the last six years, I’ve chronicled my hobby on the twitter account, @SWAGCollector.
If you already follow me, you may have a good idea of what SWAG is, and what SWAG Collecting is all about! If not, take a look

My goal is to make this blog a fun place for convention-goers, collectors and others to check-out some of the awesome going-ons surrounding SWAG found (mostly) at conventions, such as WonderCon, New York Comic Con, and the granddaddy of all comic book conventions, San Diego Comic Con!

I hope you find it entertaining.  Any and all feedback is appreciated…

Thanks for reading!